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Bronx REACH CHAMPS Initiatives

Bronx REACH CHAMPS is working to address the overall health and wellness in the Bronx by focusing on six key initiatives:

Improve access to healthy food - REACH CHAMPS Shop Healthy
Bronx REACH CHAMPS Shop Healthy initiative works with communities - including residents, food retailers, food suppliers and distributors to increase access to healthy foods. [More Info]
Improve opportunities for health in the work environment
Bronx REACH CHAMPS aims to help employers create and foster a healthy work environment by promoting healthier lifestyles to their employees and reducing their risk for chronic disease. [More Info]
Improve opportunity for increased physical activity in schools (K - 12)
Bronx REACH CHAMPS aims to increase the number of K-12 schools and campuses with opportunities to engage in physical activity through physical education and regular classes, recess, and intramurals/ physical activity clubs.
Improve opportunities for age-appropriate physical activity in day care
Bronx REACH CHAMPS in collaboration with the Day Care Council of New York, Inc. aims to increase the number of day care centers that provide age-appropriate structured or unstructured physical activity to meet the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene regulations.
Improve access to parks and open spaces
Bronx REACH CHAMPS aims to improve access to parks and open spaces for physical activity opportunities. In collaboration with New Yorkers for Parks, Bronx REACH CHAMPS will create an easy to use guide to obtain park permits to Bronx parks for safe group physical activity and social engagements.
Improve health outcomes through clinical linkages
Bronx REACH CHAMPS aims to assign non-clinical healthcare professionals, such as community health workers and health educators, to link community to clinical and community resources for improving chronic diseases.